Several Forms are available for download. If you have an electronic version of a form that is not found on this site, and you would like it to be added, please contact us and let us know.



Volunteer Forms


For adults participating in their daughter’s troop activities in such roles as a leader, co-leader, chaperone, treasurer, product sales manager, or if you are planning on leading a badge activity or sleeping over on a camping trip it is important for you to complete and submit a volunteer application. As a volunteer you should submit this form directly to council at the contact information provided on the form. Upon approval you will receive an email from council which will let you know you may volunteer with the troop in that role. Please send this email to your leader. If you are the leader, please forward this email to the Service Unit Manager. This volunteer application is updated every three years.





As per direction of the GSHNJ, all Girl Scout membership registration should be completed online through the GSHNJ Website. In the 2015-2016 Girl Scout year the membership fee for girls is $30 and for adults $15.


If you are having problems registering, contact GSHNJ via email at the


If you are applying for financial aid, GSHNJ would prefer you register through a paper format. These forms are below. The troop leader will then collect all the paper forms for the troop, complete a troop summary form, and write one troop check to GSHNJ. This is then provided to the Girl Scouts of Cranford Registrar to submit to GSHNJ council. No membership forms should ever be dropped off to the GSHNJ council by a troop leader or by a parent unless requested specifically by GSHNJ.



Troop Forms




Troop Basics



  • How To Flag Ceremony is a tutorial in how to run the Township Flag ceremony. For Brownie Troops, and rising Daisy’s, it was also brought to our attention that by participating in a Township Ceremony, Marching in the Memorial Parade, and singing at least 3 Patriotic songs that there is a Brownie Legacy Badge available.


    It has been a long standing tradition that the Girl Scouts of Cranford provide the flag ceremony at the beginning of every official Township Meeting. It is an excellent way to introduce your troop to township government and community involvement. Township Committee meetings take place on Tuesday nights. Scouts arrive at 7:45pm to practice on their own prior to the meeting at 8:00pm. Troops are allowed to leave after the flag ceremony around 8:10pm.

    Please follow this genius link to volunteer your troop for one or more of the many dates offered.







Service Unit Forms








Girl Recognitions


GOLD, SILVER, and BRONZE Awards: We know you want to do good things for the world. Help the people who need it most. Protect animals that can't speak for themselves. Treat the environment with the respect it deserves. We know you have great ideas, ones that make a lasting difference. And that you're more than ready to work hard to put those ideas into motion. Girl Scouting's highest awards—the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Awards—are your chance to make a lasting difference in your community . . . and in the larger world. And start changing the world today!



Adult Recognitions


Adult recognitions are coming soon!